New Skills Bank Opportunity



The Foundation works across the spectrum of education in WA. We run 3 of our own major programs and work with many other educational institutions, organisations and schools in WA. As you can imagine, there are many connections across the various stakeholders and often an overlap in their activities/interests/desired impact.

By way of example, Cecil Andrews Senior High School is part of our Fogarty EDvance 3 year school improvement program, is currently a designated ‘STEAM’ school where we are supporting a Murdoch University STEAM curriculum development project, is a Teach for Australia School and currently has Ryan Steed (Fogarty Scholar) working there as a TFA Associate and is also about to start a CoderDojo WA club at their school. This is just one of many examples!


We would like to conduct a mapping exercise to paint a clear picture of where our major programs are operating and how this overlaps with the operations of other key stakeholders in our sector (such as Teach for Australia, The Smith Family, Teach Learn Grow etc.)

What’s involved?

We need a Scholar with experience and/or interest in the WA educational landscape to help us compile the lists of stakeholders and where they are operating and then synthesise this information into an easily digestible format. We are open to what the final product may look like – this is an opportunity to get your creative juices flowing and potentially even brief a graphic designer to produce a visualisation of this information. You will work with the Fogarty Foundation Executive Officer to discuss key objectives, format, timeline etc.

Why is this important?

Building transparency – which equates to public trust and confidence – in the Foundation’s work is one of our most important assets. We are always looking for ways to improve how we do this. The Foundation has a bird’s eye view of the education sector but historically we have not always shared this insider knowledge and information with other stakeholders or the wider public.

This mapping exercise will help us to take the lead in building bridges and connections in the sector and enable us to share this information with the public so that we can continue to connect others and work together in the most effective way possible across education in WA.

You can help us to lead this change!

Boring or interesting?

Super interesting! You will gain insight into the diverse educational eco-system in WA and a deeper understating of the depth and breadth of the Foundation’s activities and connections in this landscape whilst getting the chance to hone your investigatory and design skills.

Timeline: By mid-September.

Estimated time commitment: 4-6 hours

Remember, all of these hours can be accredited by UWA to your university transcript as volunteer time!

Please send through an expression of interest for assisting with this opportunity to Robyn ( by Friday 26 August with a brief paragraph explaining why you think you’re the right person to assist with this job and you will be notified shortly after this date.

If you miss out on the opportunity to assist this time round do not fear, there will be many more opportunities via Skills Bank throughout 2016!

Snapshot from past Skills Bank helpers

Here’s what past Scholars have to say about their Skills Bank experiences at the Foundation:

“Volunteering via Skills Bank was a great way for me to use my skills to benefit others and was also really fun. I helped out by doing some data entry and analysis on new surveys done by principals in the Fogarty EDvance School Improvement Program, which helped inform future developments in the program. It was a really rewarding experience and it was great to finally give back a little to the Fogarty Foundation.”

Harmony Clayton, Fogarty Alumni

“It is always exciting to work behind the scenes of any project and the Humans of CoderDojo was no exception.  I loved being able to share the human stories behind this incredibly important organisation and see the direct impact it is having on individuals, schools and the wider Perth community.  Computers and coding can often sound quite technical, automated and cut off from human relationships. The Humans of CoderDojo project made me realise that human relationships and stories are actually at the heart of this cutting edge work.”

Katie McAllister, current Fogarty Scholar


Interested in applying?

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