How to navigate the demands of uni life?…How to maintain focus on the important things?…How to foster relationships for life?… These are some of the topics of conversation our new UWA Fogarty Scholars were able to explore with their more experienced FSA mentors. Great to see so many older scholars jumping in and supporting the new students…


The FSA’s second group mentoring night, ably facilitated by Georgie Carey, was an awesome occasion for FSA scholars to reconnect with old friends and make new friendships with a new group of first year UWA Fogarty Scholars. 

With plenty of wisdom to share, gleaned from two or three years at uni, it was great to have so many of the crew down to meet, welcome, and impart some tips and tricks to the freshers. Looking forward to building on these friendships and sharing more seasoned advice at future events.

The Mentoring Night gave me the opportunity to meet other, inspirational scholars. Their setting of clear goals, their honest perspective of the road ahead and our discussion of strategies to make goals achievable allowed me the opportunity to reflect with renewed determination.

– Tannith Lilford, UWA Fogarty 2017 Scholar.


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