Leadership program

The Fogarty Foundation view leadership as integral in building strong communities.  We believe through empowering good leaders, they will provide vision and direction, enabling positive change to benefit all people in society.



Through the UWA Fogarty Scholarship Program we invest in hundreds of exceptional young people to provide opportunities for them to meet and learn from today’s leaders, build networks and a cohort of other like-minded people and we support them in their endeavours, enhancing their ability to lead real change in the community. 

UWA Fogarty Scholars participate in a tailored Leadership Program which provides the opportunity to network with today’s leaders through a range of events and seminars.  This provides the Scholars with a broader insight into major challenges within the community and how they can contribute.

The scholarship enabled me to pursue my interests in community service and leadership by providing both global and local mentors who inspired and guided me.

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Scholars Biography Book

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