Scholars’ Initiatives

Scholars are supported in developing their leadership potential by establishing new initiatives, or by taking leadership roles in projects they are passionate about

Fogarty Futures Leadership Conference

This initiative was started by the Fogarty Scholars Association in 2013, and has been convened by a pair of first year Fogarty Scholars every year since.

The conference inspires and empowers WA’s young student leaders, by providing them with the mindset and skillset they require to enact change in their lives and the wider WA community.

Most importantly, the conference acts as a critical opportunity for passionate young people to connect and develop friendships with each other, creating and extensive community of young leaders across the state.

Teach Learn Grow

Teach Learn Grow (TLG) was co-founded by Dave Sherwood, Fogarty Alumnus and Travis Elliot, teacher. TLG’s vision is for every child in Western Australia to have equal opportunities in education regardless of location, background or circumstance.

TLG provides free one-on-one tuition and mentoring to rural and Indigenous Western Australian students, with the aim of empowering students to realise their full potential.

TLG’s flagship Rural Program sends volunteers out to rural WA communities to conduct one-on-one Australian Curriculum mathematics tutoring during a week-long visit to a school, twice a year. TLG’s eMentor Program provides online interactive mentoring to upper-primary students in rural WA in preparation for their transition to high school, and supplements their Rural Program to ensure sustainable impact.


Mark Shelton, Fogarty Scholar, co-founded Bloom and was the inaugural CEO.  Bloom is a venture founded to bring together a community of young people creating amazing things.

Young entrepreneurs are provided with the infrastructure, support and engagement they need to grow their ideas into successful ventures.

Bloom provides workshops, a co-working space, mentoring and more to accelerate the growth of high-potential young entrepreneurs. Bloom is currently home to up to 251 members and an online community of over 4,000.

The scholarship has assisted me in building relationships with other students – they are drawn from a range of areas but are all doing amazing things and are passionate about their future trajectories.

Richard O’Halloran Alumni, Rhodes Scholar 2016

ASEAN-Australia Strategic Youth Partnership

UWA Fogarty Scholar, Hayley Winchcombe founded the ASEAN-Australia Strategic Youth Partnership (AASYP) and is the inaugural Chair. AASYP is a charity founded to enhance understanding, awareness and connections between Australia and our closest neighbours – the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. 

At the heart of AASYP is the belief that regional cooperation is the natural, rational and structural key to solving challenges and shaping a bright, more peaceful and prosperous future for all.  AASYP empowers young people by creating platforms for them to engage in the ASEAN-Australia relationship.

Launching AASYP was not only made possible through essential seed-funding from the Fogarty Foundation, but through the skills and networks I gained in the Leadership Development Program. Contributing to cooperation between countries and cultures has always been a dream of mine, and it has been incredibly rewarding to create this project with the support of some exceptional scholars and friends.

Hayley Winchcombe AASYP Director and UWA Fogarty Scholar


Purposeful was created by Elizabeth Knight, a Fogarty Scholar who is passionate about transforming our education system and the way we prepare young people for their futures.

In response to her own challenges leaving high school, she created Purposeful, a social enterprise focused on helping young people to create meaningful futures and career pathways for themselves. Their mission is for Generation Z to feel confident, motivated and excited about their futures. 

In 2020, they launched their first series of programs and events designed to provide young people with a clear way of figuring out what they want to do with their lives, and why. Purposeful hopes to reach more than 5000 young people, educators, parents and corporates alike with their vision for a more purposeful future. 

I believe that every young person is deserving of a purposeful future. To me, that means that every single day you wake up to a life that you love, that excites you beyond belief and overwhelms you with gratitude. Purposeful helps young people to discover who they are at their core. To understand that what you do in life is not nearly as important as why you do it, and that those who understand their ‘why’ are much better equipped to create a life that is fulfilling and that matters to them.

Elizabeth Knight Purposeful Founder, Bloom Director and UWA Fogarty Scholar


Enitiate was co-created by Scholars – Caleb McKenna, Jason Lu, Emma Band, Caleb Adams, Naveen Nimlan, and Patrick Morton in 2023, they plan to work with social clients in the ideation, feasibility and scoping stage of engineering projects.

The team will generate and assess the feasibility of potential
engineering solutions to a technical challenge facing a social enterprise , under the guidance of professional firms .

Enitiate’s work will allow clients to access services that they otherwise would be unable to. They will be equipped to assess their high-level options and make informed decisions, before progressing their project
to the implementation stage.

Man Up

MAN UP is a not-for-profit, peer-to-peer education service in WA, co-founded by Scholar Haseeb Riaz, with the goal of empowering young men and redefining masculinity. They run workshops on various topics centered around men’s mental health and well-being, with an emphasis on transforming boys into confident, purpose-driven, and emotionally capable men.

Their aim is to change the phrase ‘MAN UP’ to mean something positive; to live authentically from one’s heart, embrace vulnerability, and hold one another accountable to stand up for what is right.

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