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The program

The Scholars Enterprise Investment Program (SEIP) is a $15million investment program to fund next generation, technology focused enterprises led by UWA Fogarty Scholars and Alumni.  The Program supports Scholars and their enterprises to grow the next generation of businesses and attract and retain the relevant people and skills required for success.

Growing enterprise

Established in 2019 by the Fogarty family with the Fogarty Foundation, over time we will partner and co-invest with leading industry and venture capital firms across Australia, which will not only provide capital, but additional expertise to create successful economic enterprises.  This will support the Scholars and build their networks, while enhancing WA –wide support for the next generation of enterprises, growing the number of jobs and diversity of businesses across WA and Australia.

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BibliU, a digital education platform founded in 2013, has achieved significant milestones in recent years. Led by Dave Sherwood, a UWA Fogarty Scholar and accomplished social entrepreneur, the company received its first investment from the SEIP in xx (2018?). With a focus on providing an online library of textbooks and courseware, BibliU offers a user-friendly platform that allows students to navigate, annotate, and search across a wide range of educational content. The platform also provides valuable analytics services, empowering academics and publishers with access to data to enhance content and improve learning outcomes.

Since its seed funding round and the subsequent Series A round in 2019, where the company raised a total of $12 million, BibliU has been on a path of expansion. In 2020 and beyond, BibliU set its sights on the US market as a major growth opportunity. The company’s commitment to providing accessible and affordable learning resources has resonated with higher education institutions, leading to its adoption by 114 leading universities worldwide, including prestigious institutions such as Oxford, Cambridge, Cornell, and Phoenix. The platform has successfully reduced the costs of textbooks and course materials, ensuring that students have immediate access to necessary resources right from their very first day of class. As a result, BibliU has made a significant impact on student engagement and learning outcomes.

In 2022, BibliU continued to thrive despite economic uncertainty and a downturn in the EdTech sector. The company successfully raised $15 million in Series B funding, further validating its position as an EdTech innovator. With a workforce of 80 employees and a year-over-year growth rate of 13%, BibliU has proven its ability to adapt to challenging circumstances. In recognition of its commitment to sustainability, BibliU has also been awarded a bronze badge by EcoVadis, a leading business sustainability ratings provider, for its carbon-negative status. As BibliU looks towards the future, the company remains steadfast in its mission to provide high-quality and accessible learning resources, leveraging technology to improve the educational experience for all students, regardless of their individual needs or circumstances.

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