Fogarty Futures Leadership Conference

Fogarty Futures Leadership Conference empowers years 10 and 11 students with leadership skills for the future. Based in Western Australia, we seek to encourage students to develop a passion for social justice and benefit their local communities. Soft skills such as leadership, communication and interpersonal skills are not taught frequently enough in schools, despite being vital to living in a modern globalised world; Futures aims to address this gap. Every year since 2013 Futures has run this leadership camp for 50 promising young leaders to help them achieve their potential.

Students will hear from a variety of expert speakers throughout the course of the conference; challenging them to think more about social issues and what global leadership truly means. Attendees will connect with like minded young people to get a head start on developing networks, forming lifelong friendships in the process.

In 2019 the Futures Conference will run for four days from the 27th to 30th of September at Camp Wattle Grove. A number of scholarships are available for conference attendees, particularly for students from rural/regional areas or low SES schools. Applications are open between the 7th of July and will close on the 12th of August. Any questions can be addressed to or our website